alan jones

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UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist      

UKCP Approved Supervisor                        

I offer:

One to One appointments

Couple Counselling


Telephone counselling

Counselling by Skype

Trying to understand my self and other people has always been a main preoccupation. At the age of 14 I first became interested in ‘self development’, exploring the philosophy section in my local library.

At the age of 19 I married and became involved in psychotherapy groups, which had a strongly humanistic and feminist viewpoint. Over the next few years this involvement developed into long term psychotherapy training and analysis, whilst I also obtained an honours degree in psychology.

My main interest in psychotherapy has always been empowerment. Often women and men suffer a lot of unfair and confusing treatment in life.

To understand our situation and ourselves we need time, space and encouragement. We need a caring environment where someone has the time to listen to us, rather than being judged or labelled.

My main interest in working with people is looking at the purpose and meaning of our lives. How to change unhappiness, or anxiety, or dissatisfaction into fulfilment, enjoyment and success.

For the past 41 years I have been providing individual and couple therapy. I supervise other psycho-therapists and provide supervision and facilitation for various charities, as well as for the N.H.S.

I also provide training material for trainee teachers and give talks and lectures in neuro-psychology and mindfulness and other meditation forms at the Saraswati Yoga Studio.

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